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Flight FAQ
1.What are the regulations for transporting a wheelchair?
Both manual and electronic wheelchairs are transported as checked baggage. They qualify as free checked-baggage so they are not included in baggage allowance limits. If a wheelchair is needed during check-in and has been given the consent of Airlines, it will be delivered at the departure gate before boarding.

If an electronic wheelchair is checked, the packing should be as follows: • Wheelchair with leak-proof battery – Ensure the battery does not have a short circuit and it should be securely installed on the wheelchair. • Wheelchair without leak-proof battery – The battery should not be installed on the wheelchair and should have protective packaging. It should be leak-proof and fixed with a belt, fixture or bracket on the pallet or in the cargo compartment. Ensure the battery does not have a short circuit and it is filled with suitable absorption material to absorb any leaked liquid. • The packing will be marked as either “BATTERY, WET, WHEELCHAIR”, or “BATTERY, WET, WITH MOBILITY AID”. Additional labels will be added saying “CORROSIVE” and “UPWARD”
2.What should I do if I missed my flight?
If you missed your plane, you have three options:
1. If there is a later flight of the same airline company, you can change your ticket to this later flight, just pay any change fee, extra fee(if there is discount difference between the ticket you bought and the later flight) to the airline company at the airport, then aboard the later flight.
2. If there is no other flight of the same airline company, you can also change to other airline company's flight: but you will have to cancel your original flight ticket (cancellation fee occur, ticket will be partially refunded) FIRST and you need to buy a new flight ticket at the airport to aboard the later flight.
3. If you did not go to the airport at all, you may still get certain refund according to the flight cancellation policy, even after the flight date. Please just contact us.
3.E-tickets In China
1.Most major airlines in China are now able to issue E-tickets but not all of them.

2.E-tickets are more common to flights between larger cities than those on lesser routes.

3. Foreign traveler holding electronic ticket need only show their passports to board the plane but need to ensure that the name on the e-ticket is exactly the same as the name on the passport.

4.A confirmation code will be issued for each e-ticket.
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